To celebrate the launch of Tiempo we teamed up with Latin American illustrator Alan Berry Rhys to create a limited edition box and A4 poster for the very first 1320 bottles ever to be produced. 


The poster depicts Tiempo's journey of inspiration from the remote surrealist jungle Los Pozas in Mexico, with Women and Jaguars reflecting the flavour profiles of highland and lowland agave and the various symbols that represent time, perception and our mantra 'LIBERA TU MENTE INCONSIENTE' which simply translates to 'Free your unconscious mind'.


Printed on stunning textured paper made from recycled waste bagasse.


  • Tiempo (Puro) Tequila is super premium quality, small batch Tequila that's made with pure 100% agave in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico in a small town called Tequila by a family run distillery.

    Our agave is slow cooked for 48 hours, carefully fermented for 60 more and then twice distilled before spending up to one year resting in American oak whiskey casks, deep below one of the most awarded distilleries in Mexico. Once rested we lightly charcoal filter to subtly remove heavy tannins and leave behind a lighter less barrel heavy reposado.

    Smooth, clear and complex; balancing subtle undertones of sweet vanilla, oak and caramel with crisp, bright notes of citrus and pepper. The best of both worlds in one beautiful bottle.