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100% Puro Blue weber agave, only the best harvested from both Los Altos & Tequila Valley, Mexico. Min 23 Brix

Slow cooked for 48 Hours in a combination of traditional Hornos and Autoclaves which is the same time THAT it takes the Mexican Caracara to fly from Tequila town to Panama City. 


natural yeast and volcanic spring water. 60hrs

Twice (no more, no less) in beautiful pot stills




no additives, NO chemicals NO celebrities..

Tiempo Process Illustration 1 (2) edit17


It all starts with a seed (OR PUP). Our agave is grown in the Altos and Valley regions of Jalisco, home to the town of Tequila. The altitude of the Altos and the mineral rich soil give the agave a sweeter taste whilst the volcanic soils of the valley give the agave an earthy vegetal profile. 

They can take between 5 and 10 years to ripen enough to make Tequila. We do not harvest them young or use industrial methods and additives to fake it, we let mother nature do her thing to get the most natural and pure flavour as possible.

Look after your agave and the agave will look after you.


We work with a 5th generation family of Tequileros to produce Tiempo and their process has changed very little over the years.


Tiempo Puro is slow cooked for 48 hours, carefully fermented USING NATURAL YEAST for 60 more and then twice distilled before spending up to one year resting in American oak whiskey casks, deep below one of the most awarded distilleries in Mexico.


The real magic happens when its filtered, a process that gives Tiempo Puro its unique persona. Smooth, PURE and complex; balancing subtle undertones of BUTTER and caramel with notes of BEAUTIFUL EARTHY AGAVE. The best of both worlds in one beautiful bottle.

it has taken 6 years to perfect our tequila. and perfect it is.


Nothing should ever come at the cost of the planet. We have witnessed the many areas in which Tequila production needs improvement and as a business we are committed to tackling issues that we feel are our responsibility to fix.

For our bottles, we use recycled glass, recycled AND SUSTAINABLE labelS, natural cork with a wood stopper, and as MINIMAL plastic as possible (which unfortunately is impossible to completely avoid currently - BUT WE'RE ON MA MISSION!).


we also have grand plans to provide support to charities that help balance the affected ecosystem as a result of agave cultivation IN MEXICO. more soon!

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