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the Nuestro Tiempo project

Each of our bottles has their own story to tell...


Made from locally sourced recycled glass, our bottles have already lived many lives. it was our intention to ensure they lived at least one more.

The ‘Nuestro Tiempo’ or ‘Our Time’ project up-cycles our used bottles, by hand, into these lovely rustic candles. 100% of profits made from their sale go to projects and charities that help make the world a better place.

Our Focus

We make beautiful tequila while making the World a better place


Our Community

We would not be who we are without our community. The small town of San Jose in Jalisco is home to our small family distillery and where the lifeblood of our craft lives. Our workforce is everything to us, as is supporting the community in which they live. Projects from rebuilding school walls to helping with community support groups are all part of our community focus. Keep your eye peeled in 2024 for updates.



Preserving wild agave species


Our local eco-system



Bat project

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